when create a new page at mediawiki, the following sql-statements will be created.



1. insert into page。(page_latest = 0,len = 0 at this insert)

2.insert into text。

3.insert into revision。


page.page_id = revision.rev_page ,

page.page_latest = revision.rev_id,

revsion.rev_text_id = text.old_id


4. update page set page_lastest, len.

5. insert logging.

6. update user set user_editcount = user_editcount + 1

7. update user set user_touch = nowdate()

8. insert into objectcache( this table is used for a few generic cache operations if not using Memcached)

9. update site_stats set ss_total_edit and ss_total_page ( add 1)

10. replace into searchindex.


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